How-To: 1G Tinted Tails & Sidemarkers
Donor Vehicle: 1989 Mazda MX6 GT

Purpose: Tinting tail lamps and side markers on a 1G Mazda MX-6

VHT Tint Spray - $7.95 @ Summit Racing - High Performance Car and Truck Parts | 800-230-3030


Phillips Screwdriver
Flat Head Screwdriver
10mm deep socket & ratchet

Tips: Do this above 65 degrees, and set aside a day to do this as you do not rush paint. Also keep track of the screws and nuts. I just replaced them where I took them out when I removed the part.

Now the procedure:

1) Now with your phillips head screwdriver remove all four side markers. The two red ones are reflectors and the yellow ones are actually lit by your turn signals. You may need the help of flat head screwdriver to pull them out. I personally just used the screw and turned it so it pulled the marker out with it. This should take your roughly 5 minutes to remove all four side markers.

2) Now removing the tail lamps.You first need to remove 3 phillips head screws holding the trunk trim piece in like in the following pictures to gain access to the side tail lamps.

3) Now remove the bulb assemblies carefully taking notes of where everything goes. There are four 10mm nuts holding on the lamps. Remove these.

4) Removing the trunk tail lamp. First remove your license plate. Remove the reverse lamps and you will see 6 10mm nuts. Just simply remove these and CAREFULLY pull it off your car. There are some push pins holding it so you may need to gently pry them to pull it carefully.

5) Your car should look like this after you are done removing the parts.
6) Using painters tape mark off all of the parts of the lamps that you do not wish to be tinted. Here is how my middle section looked.

7) Painting the parts now. Just follow the directions on the can of spray and use a even coat in a well ventilated area. I didn't want my lights to be BLACK just to kind of blend in with the car better. I also left off the 3rd brake light for more safety than looks.

8) Put all the parts on in reverse order.

9) Your finished product should look like this.

If you are wondering how easy light is to be seen with only one coat of tint. I used only one layer and this is what my rear tails looked like. It is just a short video.

S4300066.AVI S4300066.AVI
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S4300067.AVI S4300067.AVI
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