How-To: A/F Gauge Install on 2006 Cobalt LS & Supercharged

Vehicles covered by this write-up: 2005-2006 Cobalt LS & Supercharged

Installation Duration: 1 hour

Skills needed(1 being least and 10 being expert): 2

Parts you need to purchase:
Some sort of gauge pod(your preference)
Air/Fuel Gauge(Summit Racing brand Part # SUM-G2986)

Clothes hanger
Wire cutters and strippers
10mm socket & wrench

1) Disconnect battery(located in trunk)

2) Install gauge pod onto A-pillar or whereever following their instructions. I used a a-pillar gauge pod and had to attach it with four screws and drill a hole for the wires as I'm going more for function right now.

3) Remove rubber plug on firewall located as shown. Slide clothes hanger through hole and find in the engine bay. Attach two wires to it and pull back through. This is your power wire and A/F signal wire. Mark them to keep them seperated.

4) Hooking up the power wire - using a crimp put the red A/F wire(power) and crimp it into one side. The power wire you ran through the firewall will be connected to the other side using the same method.

5) Now adding power - Take off the fuse box cover and find the IP Ign fuse. A mini green 20A fuse. Strip off some of the wire and put this on ONE side of the fuse and re-insert fuse. Congrats-You have power now.

6) Hooking up the signal wire(grey wire) - Perform the same method as connecting the wires as you did the power. Locating the signal wire is fairly easy. In the bundle of wires next to the ECU locate the Purple wire with a white strip. Cut this wire and strip the ends. Connect the signal wire you ran through the firewall on one wire and connect the two using a crimp.
Location of bundle:

7) Hooking up your ground - Anywhere will be great, but I used the metal bracket that supports my clutch pedal. Just removed one bolt put the black wire there and bolted it back down.

8: Reconnect battery and check wires and make sure everythings snug.

9) Crank her up and watch the gauge. Give it a second to get the signal and tap the gas a couple times to see if the gauge changes. After a few minutes of idle it may dance which is normal.

10) If everything is working properly you are finished!

Disclaimer: Do not put gauge where it will affect your night time driving. I am under no reason responsible for where you install it. Please drive safely & responsible.

If you have any further questions please refer to my thread on thank you.

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